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Shan Roberts (a.k.a Resz) has been making music since the 90's. While other kids were out playing sports, Resz was tweaking synth's, making guitar tones, learning engineering and writing all types of music. Making everything from house, alternative rock, hip hop and R&B music.

Resz really got his start in music while working in several private smaller studios throughout the LA area where he not only got a huge education in electronic music but also helped him to raised the money he needed to start his own recording studio outside LA called All Around Sound. Having the studio exposed him to producing all types music genre such as hip hop, R&B, speed metal, jazz, rock and even doing sound for film and tv. Over the years he been sharpening his skill set in engineer, writing and producer along with also improving his playing several instruments and singing.


With so many changes happening within the music industry he realized being the writer or producer is not the path to success anymore. He realized that for one to survive in this business, one must be artist. So he decided it was time to put out his own music.