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Gotyor Record Label & Apparel


We are currently far into developmental stages of our Gotyor music & apparel brand division. Our production team is expanding and growing by leaps and bounds out of our Las Vegas, Nevada facility, and should have product out by summer of 2019.

Gotyor Brand will represent:

- Music Production of Various EDM, Alternative Rock artist

- "Got Life, Now Live it" a philosophy to get people to get out and be amazing at what ever they do which in turn with allow them to thrive.

- Cutting edge Clothing & Apparel designs with retro throw back to yester years  fashion.

- Extreme videos feature those who have Gotyor talent down.

- Our sister company spins off of Gotyor philosophy is "In giving, there's living" This philosophy is put into further practice with our MyHelpCare.org  peer to peer, FREE, anonymous, counseling and support. Shan Roberts created this website for those struggle with all types of problems from addiction to depression, and types of physical and mental health issues. The idea is that those who got there life help others get theirs going.

A portion of all Gotyor proceeds will go to the support and further development of MyHelpCare.org to continue to grow and help those in need.

Gotyor refresh your life logo,


"Got Life, Now Live It!"