The Gotyor Label



New label that focusing on dance and alternative rock music. Gotyor is invested in taking hypnotic dance rthyms and combining them with an edgy rock energy. Production team is based out of LA & also Las Vegas area.

Currently Producer Resz is kicking off the label with his edm/rock album which features flavors of dance & rock with touches of funk and hip hop.

We are always looking for new talented artist in not only music but also media and video production.

Gotyor slogan philosophy "Got Yor life... Now live it!"

The "Got Life, Now Live it" a philosophy to get people to get out and be amazing at what ever they do which in turn with allow them to thrive.

Refresh your life logo 

"Got Life, Now Live It!"

And yes all good Labels have a mascot. Koda the studio dog has some of the best ears for mixing in the business. He also keeps the energy high and the mood positive.